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Mossy Knoll on the left, Foggy Morning on the right

So I had another post ready to go today, but then had a change of plans; this post is a little lengthy but please bear with me, it is worth the read.  I want to highlight a local company that offers beautiful handmade bracelets, Average Day Designs.  Allow me to give you the backstory that led to this post.  I follow many local businesses on social media, and happened across Average Day Designs one day and decided to follow them.  Later I took a few moments to browse their bracelets, and really liked the look of them.  A couple days later, I saw a post from them with a promo code for a discount for buying 2 bracelets, so I went shopping on their site.  I was looking for some good fall colors and decided on Foggy Morning and Mossy Knoll.  I added them to my cart and attempted to apply the promo code, but no discount showed on my total.  I tried a couple times and figured there was a glitch and I would come back later and try again.  As so often happens, I got busy and never remembered to do it.  A day or so later, I received an email telling me there was a website glitch with the promo code and I would be receiving both bracelets for free.  Imagine my surprise when, a few days later, a padded envelope showed up in the mail with both bracelets and a lovely handwritten note from the owners, Felicia and Kristen, thanking me for visiting their website and apologizing for the issue.  They even included a coupon for a discount off a future purchase.  I was so surprised and amazed at the customer service offered by Average Day Designs.  I have a professional background in retail at the corporate level, and fully understand how customer service can earn or lose a customer in the blink of an eye.  Felicia and Kristen GET IT.  They were certainly under no obligation to give me, or anyone else affected by the glitch, anything for free, and the bracelets were not compensation for this post.  I asked their permission after the fact to feature their company on my blog and social media because I was so impressed. 

Notice the little gold charm, it is their company logo and has the name on the reverse side
The charm on Foggy Morning is silver

The other amazing thing about these ladies is they use their company to do good works as well.  They are involved with World Relief, an organization that aids victims of human trafficking, as well as many other humanitarian efforts around the globe.  Average Day Designs donates $1 of every bracelet sold to World Relief, and the owners are involved with the organization on a personal level also.

If you are in the Piedmont Triad area, their bracelets are carried in a few local boutiques – I’m sure if you message them through social media or their website they can point you to the exact locations.  And of course you can order online.  Their bracelets are very affordable and very good quality.  Please take a moment and check them out, here is another link.

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Joyful in Jumpsuits!

It is no secret that jumpsuits/rompers have been super popular the last couple of years.  I don’t see them going away anytime soon.  They are great because much like a dress, you only have to pick out one thing, add some accessories, and bingo, you have an outfit.  I chose this wide leg navy linen-like version from Loft.  Here is a similar one, and it’s 40% off right now!

I added a scarf, both for style and to put around my shoulders in the chilly office!  A scarf is an easy way to change up the look of an outfit.  This one is by Crown & Ivy, exclusively at Belk.  Here is one that would be great for these last few weeks of summer (tassels are still very popular!), and here is one that could easily take you into fall.  Scarves are easy to find almost anywhere, at every price point.

Here I have draped the scarf around my shoulders.

Trying to be a little sassy, lol!

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A Classic Tote

We have once again made it to Friday, yay!!!  If you have read the “about me” section of my blog, you know I love Saturdays and everything that goes along with the weekend.  The only down side is the weekends pass too quickly, am I right? 

Love this classic Ralph Lauren tote!

I want to share this great Ralph Lauren tote that was a Christmas gift from my husband last year.  I use it primarily to take my laptop back and forth to work.  It holds my laptop, mouse, a binder, and pad of paper very comfortably.  It isn’t huge, so if you need to haul a lot of files or extra things besides your computer, it might not work.  It also isn’t specifically designed for a laptop, so it doesn’t have a padded compartment.  You could use a zip on sleeve for your laptop, or just be careful not to slam it into things.  It is such a classic and beautiful bag, it could easily be used for a large purse or just a general tote.  Sometimes it is nice to have something a little more classy looking than just a canvas or straw tote bag.  Macy’s is having some great sales right now, this tote would be a wonderful, classic addition to your rotation.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Casual Classic Black and White

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  We finally had some sun and no more rain here in North Carolina!  We were able to get in some pool time and were able to get the convertible out of the garage for the weekend.

I wanted to share this casual black and white outfit I wore last week.  Black and white does not have to be dressy or fancy.  I am fortunate to have a casual dress code at work, so this outfit was perfect for a work day when it wasn’t too hot.  You’ll have to overlook that I cut off the top of my head, and the photos are a lot darker than I thought.  No one ever accused me of being a master photographer.


The jeans are Calvin Klein skinny jeans, a very similar pair is still available at Macy’s, here.  I cuffed them once just to add a bit of style and show off my shoes.  The top is a halter style from Loft; it’s last year’s model and I couldn’t find anything similar on their website.  But here and here are other options.

My shoes, which are hard to see, are Sanuk Yoga Slings.  I love Sanuk sandals and flip flops.  They are so comfortable and really durable, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

You’ll also notice the book on my lap –  it’s actually my Lilly Pulitzer 2018/19 planner.  In this day of everything electronic, it’s nice to have a physical planner.  This one is such a fun design, and comes with stickers to denote certain events, and has tons of space for keeping track of everything and just making notes. offers free economy shipping and returns, and right now they will send a free sheet of extra stickers with any planner purchase.

Have a great week!

Rain, rain, go away!

Wow, I think everyone here in North Carolina has had enough of the rain.  Some areas have been affected much more than where I live, and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone dealing with flooding.

That being said, my rain boots have gotten quite a workout this week.  Mine are Chooka brand; I’ve had these awhile and they’ve been through a lot – rain, mud, slush.  The nice thing is they can be hosed off or washed in a utility tub if they get muddy.  They protect my feet from everything, I even wear them to walk to work from the car when it’s raining, so I don’t have to start the day with wet feet.

I love the bright colors and how they really look cheery on a dreary day.  They don’t have any lining, so if you want to wear something like this when it’s cold, you would want some nice heavy boot socks or even boot liners.

DSW has a good selection of rain boots, some are even on sale right now.  There are tall ones, shorts ones, mid-shaft, tie up – you name it, they have it.  Waterproof boots would come in handy no matter where you live – even in the desert there’s an occasional rainy day.  They don’t have to be expensive and are great if you don’t like wet feet.

Have a good weekend, here’s to sunnier skies ahead!