H2O Skincare

We are well into another workweek!  Hopefully everyone is having a good week so far.  We are in the middle of another dreary, rainy pattern here in Greensboro, hoping the weather turns better for the weekend.  It is storming as I write this and the satellite is out, so no TV!

I wanted to chat today about my favorite skin care, H2O Plus.  I have looked high and low, tried cheaper brands and much more expensive brands, tried products only available from a dermatologist, and everything in between.  I kept coming back to this brand over and over again.  I have dry, sensitive skin, and these products hydrate and never irritate.

I’ll keep it simple today, and just talk about the basic moisturizer.  My favorite is the Oasis Hydrating Treatment.  It comes in a gel formula and a cream; I prefer the gel but that is just my personal preference.  This moisturizer feels light but is hydrating enough for even my very dry skin.  It even seems to give a little glow.  It’s not sticky and absorbs quickly, and I use it every single morning.  You can shop the Oasis collection here.

I’ll continue to highlight other H2O products that are in my collection; hopefully you will find one you like as well!

Hang in there, it will be Friday soon!

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