The Un-Blogger

I am not good at blogging. I don’t have much interesting to say, I can’t seem to stay on a good schedule, and I’m not the typical 20-something drop-dead gorgeous blogger. I work full time and maintain a household consisting of one husband and one dog, so I don’t devote the time to it that I should. All that being said, I wanted to share a few reasons why I started this blog and some things I will never do on my blog.

1) I love to write. Anyone that knew me as a child knows I always got good grades on essays, book reports, research papers, and anything else that relied on writing. A former boss always had me write different documents and SOPs, often saying “everything you write is so good.” I lack creativity however, so I would not have been a good novelist. Writing, even occasionally, for the blog, gives me a bit of an outlet for my love of writing.

2) I was feeling unfulfilled at my day job, and needed something else to think about and focus on. Struggling to understand how to set up a website with all the plugins, getting a theme, etc was (and still is) very challenging for me. It forced me to think and learn new things, something I wasn’t experiencing at work.

3) I struggle with fashion choices just like many others. As a 40-something that doesn’t want to look like an old lady, I find it hard to look age appropriate and not too young or too old. Admittedly, I often err on the side of dressing too young. But, if I can give even one person an idea for an outfit or piece of clothing or accessory they haven’t considered before, then that is the most I can ask for.

Some things I will never do on the blog:

1) I will never tell you to dress like me or wear certain styles or items of clothing. I may occasionally offer a tip that I personally think is worthwhile, but feel free to disagree. Style is very personal, and I believe 100% you should wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

2) I will never tell you you must spend a lot of money or buy certain brands of clothing to look good. I will occasionally splurge on something I really love, not because it is a certain brand, but because I truly love it. Mostly I shop sales, clearance racks, and end of season sales. I will pay full price at a couple of the local boutiques I like, but only because if you see something at a boutique you want, you better grab it because they don’t typically restock the same items.

3) I will never pretend to be something I’m not. Social media and blogs are a dangerous thing-we all understandably present our best selves online, but the perfect images on many social media accounts are not real life. I’m not rich, not wildly successful in the traditional sense, not fashion-model gorgeous, and not always bubbly and happy. Certainly I’m not likely to post about my worst days, but I’ll always try to be real. Many years ago, in high school, a classmate told me “you’re not phony like most of the other girls.” To this day that is one of the most meaningful compliments I’ve ever received.

4) I will write about random things. I started this endeavor with fashion in mind, because I was constantly getting compliments on my outfits. But I’ve discovered I have other things to say. So there will be travel posts, posts about my dog, and other random topics that strike my fancy on any given day.

So there you have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. All I hope for is to get a few readers that find my writing mildly interesting.

Thanks for stopping by!