Rain, rain, go away!

Wow, I think everyone here in North Carolina has had enough of the rain.  Some areas have been affected much more than where I live, and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone dealing with flooding.

That being said, my rain boots have gotten quite a workout this week.  Mine are Chooka brand; I’ve had these awhile and they’ve been through a lot – rain, mud, slush.  The nice thing is they can be hosed off or washed in a utility tub if they get muddy.  They protect my feet from everything, I even wear them to walk to work from the car when it’s raining, so I don’t have to start the day with wet feet.

I love the bright colors and how they really look cheery on a dreary day.  They don’t have any lining, so if you want to wear something like this when it’s cold, you would want some nice heavy boot socks or even boot liners.

DSW has a good selection of rain boots, some are even on sale right now.  There are tall ones, shorts ones, mid-shaft, tie up – you name it, they have it.  Waterproof boots would come in handy no matter where you live – even in the desert there’s an occasional rainy day.  They don’t have to be expensive and are great if you don’t like wet feet.

Have a good weekend, here’s to sunnier skies ahead!

H2O Skincare

We are well into another workweek!  Hopefully everyone is having a good week so far.  We are in the middle of another dreary, rainy pattern here in Greensboro, hoping the weather turns better for the weekend.  It is storming as I write this and the satellite is out, so no TV!

I wanted to chat today about my favorite skin care, H2O Plus.  I have looked high and low, tried cheaper brands and much more expensive brands, tried products only available from a dermatologist, and everything in between.  I kept coming back to this brand over and over again.  I have dry, sensitive skin, and these products hydrate and never irritate.

I’ll keep it simple today, and just talk about the basic moisturizer.  My favorite is the Oasis Hydrating Treatment.  It comes in a gel formula and a cream; I prefer the gel but that is just my personal preference.  This moisturizer feels light but is hydrating enough for even my very dry skin.  It even seems to give a little glow.  It’s not sticky and absorbs quickly, and I use it every single morning.  You can shop the Oasis collection here.

I’ll continue to highlight other H2O products that are in my collection; hopefully you will find one you like as well!

Hang in there, it will be Friday soon!

Camo can be cute

Happy Friday!  I’m always glad to see the weekend roll around, how about y’all?  Tomorrow is going to be a pool day, as they are calling for some rain on Sunday.  We love our local swim and tennis club and spend most weekends there in the summer.  Don’t you love my recycled metal Billy Goat?  We purchased him at our local farmers market, but I have seen similar items in other stores in other cities as well.

Camo does not have to make you look like you are going hunting!  I wanted to show these adorable pants I purchased recently at Belk.  I couldn’t find the exact pair on their website but here is a similar pair.

They have a raw hem and are an ankle length.  I kept the look simple with a plain white t-shirt.  I have already thought about how I can wear these into the fall.  I’d pair them with a long sleeve t-shirt or other neutral top, maybe even a cardigan, and some short booties.  You could also do the same white t-shirt and a denim jacket for cooler days.

The shoes are some olive sandals by Sam Edelman, also from Belk.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but they have silver studs on them.  Studded shoes continue to be very popular.  Ugh, it seems they are sold out of the olive and only have them in gray, but here is another pair that would work just fine as well.  Brown/tan/taupe/black are also neutrals that would easily go with camo pants, you don’t have to have olive shoes.

Enjoy your weekend!

Work in Progress!

Hey everyone, please bear with me as I continue to fine tune the site.  Don’t give up :).  I’m working on the photography as well, so please try to overlook the cheesy photos.  I’m passionate about my blog project, so it will get better!  I love connecting with people and hope to pass along my thoughts and suggestions for fashion, travel, and fun things to do!  Thanks for visiting!

Casual Friday Night Outfit

Happy Friday! This is one of my favorite outfits. The top is Loft from last year, but this style is still very popular and can be found at many stores. (Loft currently has 50% off all clearance online!) Jeans are Loft Curvy Skinny, great fit and style. Shoes are wedges by Steve Madden, also still popular and available at many stores and websites. I wore this look to a casual dinner with hubby tonight at Mac’s Speedshop Greensboro. Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned!

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