Puppy Love

No, this isn’t a Valentines Day story about young people experiencing their first innocent crush! Anyone that knows me will not be surprised to see it is about my sweet, snuggly fur baby, Harrison!

Harrison loves the fire and will lay there until he is too hot to stand it

My husband and I have had 3 dogs since being married, and all have been great dogs in their own way. I loved all of them and was devastated when the first 2 had to go. This little guy we have now is so different and special. Our first 2 were pure bred (from ethical and top-notch breeders), but Harrison is a rescue. I truly believe he has a higher level of appreciation for his life, and desire to show us every day how happy he is.

Let me tell you a little about his story. He was found by the side of the road in a box with his siblings when they were tiny puppies, in rural Arkansas. As luck would have it, the lady that found them was already involved with a rescue organization, so did not hesitate to pick them up. Fast forward a couple months to us perusing the internet for a second dog, following the loss of our sweet lab, Delta. We spotted this adorable lab/boxer mix, named Dart at his foster home. After some discussion, and a phone conversation with his foster mom, we decided to adopt him sight-unseen! (Except for the photos). We lived in Ohio at the time, and the transport van bringing dogs from Arkansas to the Midwest and Northeast was coming the following week. We met the van late one night in a parking lot, feeling like we were part of some nefarious activity, and took him home. He arrived cold, scared, and having no idea what to do. Our older dog, Georgia, wanted no part of him and stood across the room barking at him nonstop!

Our sweet Georgia

Needless to say, they did become fast friends and kept each other, and us, entertained. They both shrugged off the move to North Carolina in 2015 as no big deal, settling in as if nothing had changed. We lost Georgia unexpectedly in 2016, leaving us and Harrison in a bit of a funk for awhile. However, life goes on, and Harrison quickly got back to being a silly, energetic, loving, cuddly, playful, happy boy. He loves us both dearly, but does tend to be a momma’s boy. He sleeps next to me, snuggles me on the couch, and follows me everywhere.

Harrison has also been a great comfort to me through some difficult times in my life over the past few years. There is nothing in the world like the unconditional, non-judgemental love and support you get from an animal. Just to feel their warmth and stroke their soft fur is instantly calming and brings a sense of peace.

Certainly pets are not for everyone, but if you have ever considered a pet, give it some serious thought. Rescue dogs have so much love to give, and love soaking it up as well.

You will no doubt see more mentions of sweet Harrison in the future!

Happy Valentine’s Day!